Keighley Amateur Radio Society meet every Thursday in the Old Sun Hotel at 20:00

Christmas dinner


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Status & Organising Group -   KARS Confirmed

From - 20:00

Venue - The Old Sun Hotel, Haworth

Cost - £10.95 for two courses

Places left - 4

Places are booked for -

  • Deborah M6EZU has booked 1 places.
  • Mike G7HEN has booked 2 places.
  • Keith M1EKK has booked 1 places.
  • Mark G1NQU has booked 1 places.
  • Joe G0RLY has booked 2 places.
  • Barry G7KHE has booked 2 places.
  • Gail M3XKY has booked 2 places.
  • Barry 2E0CQN has booked 1 places.
  • Shirley M0KWS has booked 2 places.
  • Colin Campbell M0LUS has booked 2 places.
  • Scott M6JJE has booked 1 places.
  • Andra 2E0WOM has booked 1 places.
  • Stuart G6NTI has booked 2 places.

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